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Welcome to Creekbend Elementary and Middle School!

A sparkling learning community with high expectations that are focused on standards-based, student-centered learning. Creekbend serves around 1,000 students, ranging from Kindergarten through 8th grade. To prepare our students for an ever-changing world, we offer a state-of-the-art learning environment that includes internet in every classroom and multiple computer labs on campus. Each student is equipped with a school-issued laptop to ensure that each student has an equal opportunity to access online learning resources. Creekbend has a fully equipped library and media center to serve our students. Each teacher at Creekbend works hard to meet every student's individual needs, using data to drive classroom instruction, advancement, and interventions. Every student will be challenged to meet their academic goals while always striving to create new goals. Every faculty member at Creekbend works to ensure each student maximizes their potential. 



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Bell Schedule

School Hours- 7:30-2:30

1st Period 7:30-8:35
2nd Period 8:37-9:29
3rd Period 9:31-10:23
4th Period 10:25-11:17
5th Period 11:19-12:38
6th Period 12:40-1:32
7th Period 1:34-2:30





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Creekbend Elementary & Middle School is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and caring learning environment that is dedicated to quality instruction. Through high expectations and academic excellence, students will be productive citizens, empowered leaders, and lifelong learners.